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Mie Vold, Ellen Soldal, Kari-Anne Lyng, Erik Svanes, Andreas Brekke and Ingunn Saur Modahl attended the LCM 2015 conference in Bordeaux 30.August to 2.September 2015. Their speeches dealt with the topics actor collaboration in biogas value chains; social indicators for biorefinery products and water footprinting of hydropower. In addition, Ostfold Research had four posters covering environmental declarations and optimisation of forest management.

Together with H&M Norway, Grønt Punkt Norge and Fredrikstad Municipality, Ostfold Research has taken the first step towards developing a system for extended producer responsibility (EPR) within the Norwegian textile market. At the first meeting, the working group discussed various EPR models based on suggestions from earlier projects conducted within the Nordic Council of Ministers. The project is financed by Oslofjordfondet and aims at developing an efficient system for reuse and recycling of textiles, focusing especially on textile producers and importers in the Oslofjord region.

The article is concerning the environmental profile of six different chemicals produced by Borregaard, one of the most advanced biorefineries in the world. Ingunn Saur Modahl is the main author, Clara Valente and Andreas Brekke are co-authors. Ostfold Research is in 2015 making an update of the LCA study for Borregaard, performing updates also of the six EPD's from 2010. You can read the article here (free of charge untill May 30, 2015).

Ostfold Research has published a paper concerning water footprinting of hydropower in Journal of Cleaner Production (Elsevier).

Ostfold Research has published the paper ‘The life-cycle water footprint of two Norwegian hydropower projects in Norway’ in Journal of Cleaner Production. The life-cycle water consumption is calculated for both a reservoir-based plant and a run-of-river plant, and the results are low compared to earlier published studies. The water consumption is further regionalized and the impact calculated by use of five different characterizations ('water-scarcity') methods. According the authors' knowledge, this is also the first well-documented study comparing the water consumption from the various life-cycle phases.

Journal of Cleaner Production is an international peer-reviewed journal, serving as a transdisciplinary, international forum for the exchange of information and research concepts, policies, and technologies designed to help ensure progress towards making societies and regions more sustainable. The paper is written by Tor Haakon Bakken (SINTEF Energy Research) in cooperation with Ingunn Saur Modahl, Hanne Lerche Raadal and Silje Arnøy from Ostfold Research and Kolbjørn Engeland (University of Oslo).

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