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The EPD tool for the furniture industry was formally approved at a meeting of the project partners in Oslo on 28th January, attended by Trond and John. This followed formal approval of the tool by EPD Norway.

Ostfold Research, SIFO and Nofima invite to a Research Workshop about Food Waste Prevention in Oslo 19th November 2013. The workshop is organized in Collaboration with the Research Council of Norway, the ForMat Project and the FUSIONS Project.

Hanne Lerche Raadal, Clara Valente, Erik Svanes, Ole Jørgen Hanssen and Ingunn Saur Modahl attended the LCM 2013 conference in Gothenburg 25. to 28. August 2013. Click the headline to read more.

Quality recycling BIR

On behalf of BIR, Ostfold Research is conducting the study Quality recycling. The aim of the project is to define “Quality recycling”; assess how the waste fractions glass, metal, textiles and plastics can be utilised better and more efficiently recycled as material resources; Assess and describe the connection between increased efficiency of material utilisation from waste and “quality recycling”. The results will be used in BIR’s new waste and resource strategy for the period 2016-2020.

The project is a result of the EU’s expressed aims to move towards a circular economy, due to the increasing scarcity of resources, making them harder to source and more expensive. In the circular economy, all growth (i.e. increases in employment) should be achieved with reduced extraction of natural resources. This means that resources must be extracted from waste and channelled into new production, something that also means changing focus from quantity (percent recycling) to quality (pure waste streams).

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