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Hanne Lerche Raadal, Clara Valente, Erik Svanes, Ole Jørgen Hanssen and Ingunn Saur Modahl attended the LCM 2013 conference in Gothenburg 25. to 28. August 2013. Click the headline to read more.

The topic of the paper is how different energy indicators, with different system boundaries, can affect the ranking of electricity production cases. The authors recommend that future assessments should focus on a smaller set of indicators, and that CED (Cumulative Energy Demand), which is the most universal indicator, covering all energy use along the value chain, always should be used. The paper also includes comprehensive results for hydropower, wind power and electricity from biomass, gas and coal by means of the indicators CED and EPR (Energy Payback Ratio).

She has worked as a research scientist at Ostfold research from 1996. The 7th of June , she got her PhD degree at the University of Life Science (UMB). The title of the thesis is: Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from electricity generation systems. Tracking and claiming in environmental reporting. Click the headline to read more.

International Research Workshop on Food Waste Prevention in Oslo 19th November

Ostfold Research, SIFO and Nofima invite to  a Research Workshop about   Food Waste Prevention in Oslo 19th November 2013.

The workshop is organized in Collaboration with the Research Council of Norway, the ForMat Project and the FUSIONS Project.

The workshop will be a self cost event, where each participant covers their own direct costs for facilities, food and service during the workshop.  The registration fee of 800 NOK (VAT not included) must be paid at the moment of registration.

The workshop will present the latest results from the Food Waste Prevention project in Norway, from the FUSIONS project, from the ForMat project and from several other research activities going on in Europe. 

Practical information and registration you will find here.

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